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Can You Get Pregnant With Precum? – Dr. Shefali Tyagi


Can You Get Pregnant With Precum? – Dr. Shefali Tyagi
Precum is ejaculatory fluid men secrete just before they have the ejaculation.Sperms can be presented in precum.But they are very low or dead.But there is theoretical possibility for sperm in the precum. It.It depends upon individuals also.some can have few sperms and some can have no sperms.It is very unlikely to get pregnant with precum. Precum is a fluid which cleans out the urethra and makes the environment of the urethra more conducive for the sperms.so that they are not killed while coming out through the urethra.When a person has had ejaculation and not passed urine after that and again has erection and ejaculation in that case life sperms can be present in the urethra because of the previous ejaculation and second time precum can have live sperms which can make you pregnant but the possibility is very low so better to protect your self by using condom if you want to prevent pregnancy.


  1. This is one of the few high quality scientific answers to this question on Youtube. A credit to the doctor and the poster of this video. No vague areas at all, just the scientific truth.

  2. mam can women get pregnent by only rubbing penis around her vagina ouside? i got many ans from many websites plz help me

  3. till…now her date is 7 but now it is 25 pls healp me i am very scared that shee would not get pregnant i gust finger her did fingaring can make my gf pregnant an my finger contain some sperm also did she get pregnant

  4. i want to know i am 18 years old and today my boyfriend inserted his finger inside my vagina..
    he got a transperant liquid discharged and he wiped it and aftr 5 mints he inserted..
    can i be pregnant?

  5. This is a fine example of some doctors who educate people on how to get mad in less than 2 minutes. C’mon, have you ever thought as to why sperm count is important for natural birth procedure? What if a guy touches someone’s underwear with precum on his hands (subconsciously) and that underwear happens to be his sister’s who right way wear it within next 30 secs. If someone starts to believe on this bullshit videos, then every other female on this planet would be getting pregnant without even knowing the father.

  6. Dr. Mam I have tried without condom for few min then i used condom. Is there any chances my gf getting pregnant from precum?? please suggest…


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