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How To Get Pregnant FAST!!!! 4 Tips To INCREASE Your FERTILITY


How To Get Pregnant FAST!!!! 4 Tips To INCREASE Your FERTILITY

You might be saying, “Get me pregnant, NOW!!!”

Well, if you’re trying to get pregnant, check out my tips in this video.

Both times I got pregnant, I was doing some very specific things that strengthened my body and made it the perfect fertile ground for growing another human.

Here’s what I did:

1. I took Foti or He Shou Wu every day. I was actually taking this for vitality, energy and clear, creative thinking the first time I got pregnant. It wasn’t until a year later that I learned that it was also a great supplement for infertility. It increases fertility in both men & women.

2. I exercised/meditated on top of Stone Mountain right outside of Atlanta, Georgia. This helped my body/mind eliminate stress so I wasn’t anxious. You MUST relax in order to prepare your body for conception.

3. Hubby & I were eating a raw foods diet. We were doing this to detox and boost our health. But little did I know that this diet was also preparing my body for pregnancy. Whenever you’re struggling with any time of illness, especially fertility, you want to ensure you’re receiving maximum nutrition. When our bodies are malnurished, it will be difficult for it to heal, and yes, to conceive. Raw foods are great because their high in vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.

4. I got a colonic! Colonics are great for detoxing the body. The colon is the center of great health in the body. You want to make sure it’s clean, clear, and functioning at it’s best to get rid of all of the toxins your body doesn’t need!

I sure hope this helps someone out there.

Both times I conceived, it was super easy! I’ve never had a miscarriage or any complications during my pregnancy. If you’re having a difficult time, give these tips a try. They may save you a lot of heartache.


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