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How To Make Cute Crochet Baby Dress Abigail #Lace Tutorial Free Online Class


How To Make Cute Crochet Baby Dress Abigail #Lace Tutorial Free Online Class
Video Class How to make #Crochet Baby Dress Abigail Savannah Georgia. For newborn baby. In this video Teresa demonstrate step by step how to crochet a baby dress and embellish it with a button. The dress features a slanted style crochet stitch and single crochet. The dress size estimate is 3-9 months. We are using 4 ply yarn and a size I 5.5 millimeter crochet hook. Check out more crochet geek tutorials with Teresa for crochet baby blankets and afghans to accompany your baby dress. Your will also find crochet baby hat tutorials.

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  1. Thanks you so much for your detailed instruction. I made a couple for one of my staff’s baby. They are beautiful nice little dresses.

  2. Where did you purchase that button ? Or do you know anywhere that would have ones similar ? I looked at a few places but couldn’t find anything ? This dress is adorable !

  3. I had to stop and rewind a few times. I didn’t understand why she went from the bodice to the straps. She also rushed through how she attached the top pieces together. If she took her time on this part, it would have been much easier to follow. To go from showing you every stitch to rushing during the most intricate details was like “what happened?” Losing track has nothing to do with skill level cause it’s not hard to crochet at all. But when you finally get it, it comes together very nicely. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. I’m sorry but this pattern is terrible especially for beginners. she does not give good instructions ?


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