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Trying To Conceive A Baby: Time To Expand – Ep.1


Trying To Conceive A Baby: Time To Expand – Ep.1


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Ebony, Denise, & Olivia


  1. Hey I spotted myself in the wedding montage! So happy to have been a part of that.. And glad I get to be a part of the journey through your videos.. Love you guys :-*

  2. What are you 2 going to tell Olivia, if she asks “why did my little brother or little sister come out of momma’s belly and not mommy’s like I did?”

  3. I have followed you since you had 1800 followers!!! Denise… May G-D be with you during this time. Love all of you!!! ????

  4. Where’s your next video??? Cannot wait much longer! Happy Easter to all! Did Olivia get a visit from the Easter bunny! 🙂 oxoxoxoxo

  5. I can’t wait to see Denise getting pregnant and dispelling the notion that masculine identified women aren’t willing to carry. Love this!

  6. Why did you choose to go with the same doner and not with a black one/someone who has the same heritage as Ebony?

  7. congratulations!!! thank you for sharing your beautiful family and the journey of expanding ??. you all are great and I love your fam!

  8. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for over a year now. Even tho y’all aren’t having feritilty problems ( I hope) I’m glad y’all are sharing your journey, people need to be more aware of this topic. Regardless if you’re a same sex marriage or having feritilty problems IVF or IUI is not easy on a couple at all. Much love and support from your military “family” in Guam and let this be our year!

  9. Hello Denise & Ebony. We are Idra and Lisa or Two P’s in a Vlog. We are also a two mom family but with a little twist. Our three daughters are all my children before Idra and I met and are ages 22, 20 and 17. In our Vlog we hope to touch on not just two mom issue but people issues. I thought what better time to reach out then on this video because you made just that point. Us being a two mom same sex couples don’t make our concerns or lives any different. We are affected by black live issue as well as just everyday life issues. I was excited to see the direction YouTube is going and the steps they are taking to level the playing fields for everyone to be equally successful. Thank you for opening a door as same sex multicultural parents sharing your journey on this platform. We only hope to continue to carry the torch you all are carrying ahead of us. Blessing to you both and we love Olivia and excited to see your journey as new parents. All the best from us. The P’s

  10. Thanks for sharing this with your #teamtwomomsinternational fans. I’m watching you all the way up north in Canada. It’s great we get to share this journey with you as well. It will be interesting to see what you go through and such because I haven’t been through it yet but will in the future.

  11. Yay!!!!!!! I’m so excited for you guys!!! I’m also starting my own journey. I made my first fertility appointment for next month and will vlog it all!! I’m so glad we are taking this journey together.

  12. Okay, so this has nothing to do with the video and I’m not trying to offend Denise, please don’t take it like that, I’m honestly just very curious-why does she blink so much? Denise seems shy and doesn’t talk much and just I don’t know. Like I said, I’m jus curious. I’m not sure if it’s just in this video or not but as stated, I’m just very curious.

  13. I appreciate this video since I can’t get the app in the Netherlands!
    You’re both amazing for sharing your journey! Much strenght, positive vibes, patience and joy to you guys!

  14. When the baby comes they should call the channel 2 kids 2 moms or if it’s another girl then 2 girls 2 moms

  15. If the first time you used a sperm donor that looked like Denise, why not for the second time use someone that looks more like Ebony if Denise is carrying this time?

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