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What Can Be Done To Help My Husband’s Low Sperm Count?


What Can Be Done To Help My Husband’s Low Sperm Count?
You mentioned that you and your husband have been trying to conceive, and you actually found out in the process, after going to see a doctor, that your husband has a low sperm count and issues with motility. This is a common cause of infertility, and there are many different things that can contribute to it. A man’s lifestyle can affect it, so if he smokes, if he drinks, if he uses certain illegal drugs, or let’s say he’s an avid cyclist or horseback rider – all of those things can affect his sperm count. Other things can also affect it, like past or current infections, maybe. Some men are born with certain infertility issues, and it causes a low sperm count. There are certain medical conditions that can contribute to it. So the treatment is going to be based on the root cause.

I suggest that you and your husband go see an infertility specialist, and since you know he has a low sperm count, they can talk to you in more detail, and decide what treatment would be most appropriate. Sometimes it’s surgery, sometimes it’s as simple as lifestyle modification. Other times, it requires treating an infection that might be the issue. So again, the treatment depends greatly. One other form of treatment is assisted reproductive technology, and sometimes this involves artificial insemination and those sorts of things. Sometimes if you can get sperm up closer to the egg, then that helps with motility and those sorts of issues. So again, the doctor will talk to you about that, and decide if it would help you in your situation. I hope the very best for you, and if you have any other questions for me in the future, feel free to ask them on our Facebook page at and recommend us to your friends and family too.


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